Student Guidelines

WELCOME to ART ALLEY, Allison LeBaron’s Community Clay and Painting Studio.

Here are some items I need you to know about so that the studio will be a happy place for all of us to make art and enjoy each other’s company.

If you don’t like the music just say so.  We can all agree to a music genre or song.  The artist is a sensitive being and is not expected to create masterpieces under auditory distress.

You need to provide your own tools. Art Alley has a variety of tools and clay for sale. Ware boards and bats are provided.

Blue buckets contain cone 6 glazes for oxidation electric kiln. White buckets contain cone 10 glazes used for off site gas kiln. Use plastic on tables for glazing and painting.

Don’t add or subtract water from any glazes; they have been carefully formulated for optimum consistency. Make sure you stir the glaze completely from the bottom. This takes a few minutes.

If you see that a glaze is low or too thick, let Allison adjust the glaze.
Ask before using outside clay and glazes, not encouraged to prevent firing disasters.
Wash or scrape discarded glaze off pot into scrap glaze bucket.


Please clean table with a scraper or sponge and the floor with broom and mop when you’re done in your working area. When mopping, keep refreshing the bucket water in the sink to avoid white clay stripes on the floor. Keep stools right side up when cleaning so the padding doesn’t squish.

When finished on the wheel or the table, clean up before moving to the other work area. Turn off wheels.  Clean up splash pans and wheel in the recycle barrel and clean up tools with a bucket of clean water; this keeps clay out of the sink. Keep your wet clay in your water bucket and recycle on plaster.
Put wet tools and buckets away keeping the sink clear of items.
No paper towel use for potters. Please bring a hand towel and clean your clay hands in a bucket with a sponge. In the bathroom, please save gently used wet paper towels for future use as painting rags in the bucket on the shelf.

MISCELLANEOUS, but still important:

Pack your food trash and take it out as it attracts cockroaches and rodents. We don’t have access to the parking lot dumpster. Do not allow small amounts of clay, glaze, water or anything onto the parking deck.
When sanding your pots please clean up dust well to avoid spreading silicosis danger. Best to sand on back porch over newspaper.

Move your dry unfired pots off of the work in progress shelves on the walls, onto the greenware cart when you want it fired. Be sure it is signed.  No unsigned, cracked or 1″+ thick pots will be fired. Put glazed ware on glaze cart to be fired. Make sure there is no glaze on the bottoms. Pots will be fired when their is enough ware to fill a kiln or by the end of each 6 week session.

Kiln fees: Bisque free includes glazes for your pots, Glaze firing – $.023/cu in. per pot, $15 – ½ shelf, $25 – full shelf.
4 consecutive classes cost $25 per class.  $30 per/ class.  You are welcome to try 1 class.
$45 for 1hr. private session.

Put checks and cash in wooden mail box secured to Allison’s private studio shelves. Check with itemization in memo line.  Cash + receipt with name, date, itemization.

Thank you for your cooperation,       Allison LeBaron