Post University Graduate, studio potter

Post University Ceramics Graduate, studio production potter

Members of the clay studio at ART ALLEY, pay $125 per month. This price Includes private storage space, ample access to a bright, air conditioned art studio, with work tables, pottery wheels, slab roller, Cone 6 glazes & raw glaze materials, kilns, sinks, electricity, and great company. You can house your works in progress on shelves in the studio.

Carolyn throwing on the Shimpo wheel

We currently have two filled private studio spaces at $265 per month (24 sq. ft of space), and still available, ample storage space provided $125 memberships. Take a class with Allison LeBaron learn how the studio runs then work on your own time with a membership.

We have periodic art shows and Clay sales. We are on the Art Walk circuit held on the last Friday of each month downtown. There is no gallery commission collected for members.  Outside artists can request gallery space for Art Walk ($25 + 30% commission on sold work)

Members doing clay work at ART ALLEY