Allison demonstrates wheel throwing to the kid’s class.

Welcome to ART ALLEY, Gainesville, Florida’s community clay and painting studio.

Studio owner Allison LeBaron offers classes in both clay and painting for beginners and experienced artists, and selective studio memberships for potters.

ART ALLEY offers a fully equipped studio featuring a clean, air-conditioned space with bright, natural light. Memberships for experienced potters provide extensive access to the studio. Students and members enjoy spacious work tables, sinks, pottery wheels, wedging tables, slab roller, a full array of Cone 6 glazes; raw glaze materials, electric kilns, bisque and Cone 6 glaze firing, a large supply of brown and white stoneware, and storage for works in progress, and great company.

The studio is spacious, clean, secure and well lit, with air conditioning, heating and ample parking.

For beginners, a set of classes introduces techniques for creating a one-of-a-kind ceramic piece. Techniques include wheel-throwing, pinching, coiling and slab-rolling.

Painting students can practice in either watercolor, oil, or acrylics.  Learn the elements and principles of design plus color theory, color mixing and most importantly develop your unique style and preferred subject matter.

Check the current schedule of classes for adults and children.

Post University Graduate, studio potterIf you are an experienced potter looking for shared studio space and a community art experience, we can help you. Monthly membership gives you 24/7 studio access, 8 electric potters wheels, storage space for tools and work in progress, and fully equipped electric kilns, with a computerized Skutt, a smaller kiln with a sitter and a test kiln.


20140624_170713ART ALLEY is located at 717 NW 1st Street, Gainesville, FL.  Ample parking is available. Wheelchair accessible.  Contact Allison LeBaron at 352-281-6240 or